Andi Parker.

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Right back to the drawing board.

I was asked to help Align redesign their website with a fresh new approach, leading to a fresh new look, while keeping the core of their style and sensibilities.

Excited by the opportunity to start from scratch, we organised 2 initial workshops to establish how a new website could convey Align's purpose for existing, desired outcomes for its clients and capture the unique flair they bring to each of their projects.

Initial scribbles from Align's bossman.

A post-it per perceived company value – the thumbs up was for me.

Dot votes to see where the focus should be.

Once the website's focus was set, it was time to get into wireframing (a basic design without any colour or styling) in order to get a feel for how the content, layout and information flow works.

Basic wireframe.

One of the major decisions in designing the UI was to use elements of undesign (a seemingly, and somewhat ironically, unaligned and random display of elements on the page) for the new website's style, to reflect the out-of-the-box thinking Align takes with its projects.

Check out how it turned out.